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Please point to the tours that you are interested in. The final price depends on the number of participants. The average cost is around 20 €. The details will be sent by e-mail.


Tour 1: Warsaw – A City of a Free People – 2,5 h

Modern Warsaw is a city rebuilt from its barbaric destruction during WWII. Today once more life, culture, and art are flourishing in the capital. Moreover, it is a city of developing industry and an important financial center. Thanks to the numerous universities located here, talented, active and creative young people come to Warsaw and decide to stay here after their studies.

During our tour around the Old Town and the Royal Route, we will visit the oldest part of Warsaw, founded in the 13th century and reconstructed after WWII. We’ll see the Castle Square, the Royal Castle and Sigmund’s Column – one of the oldest monuments in Northern Europe, erected in 1644.

On our way through the Royal Route we will see old churches, the campus of the University of Warsaw, several palaces and the two oldest hotels in Poland’s capital.

(Sunday 13th)


Tour 2: Warsaw Judaica – 2,5 h

At the beginning of the 20th century Warsaw’s Jewish population was around 300,000 and growing – only New York could boast a larger Jewish community. The history of the Jews in Warsaw is as old as the history of the city itself, and Warsaw was indeed once famous for its Jewish culture. By comparison, today’s population of Jews living in the entire country is estimated to be around 30,000.

During this tour we would like to show you how Poles and Jews interacted and culturally enriched each other. We will visit the few surviving relics of the Jewish presence in Warsaw and the ruins of the Warsaw Ghetto.

(Sunday 13th)


Tour 3: Fryderyk Chopin Museum in Warsaw

(Thursday 10th)

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Tour 4: View of Warsaw from the top of the tallest and the strangest building in the city – the Palace of Culture and Science – 1,5 h

This ‘skyscraper’, the tallest building in Poland, was built in 1955 as a personal gift to Warsaw from Joseph Stalin. The building is loved by some and hated by others.

The Palace houses theatres, cinemas and museums. Its concert hall, originally a meeting venue for the leaders of the communist world, has since hosted concerts by many international artists, including the Rolling Stones.

While certainly not the most beautiful building in the city, the Palace of Culture remains one of Warsaw’s most interesting historic places.

(Sunday 13th)




Tour 5: Zacheta – National Gallery of Art – museum where the most interesting phenomena of 20th and 21st century art are presented

(Thursday 10th)

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Tour 6: Museum of The History of Polish Jews POLIN (Thursday 10th)

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